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Well I am a professional youtuber ( Digital Miss) and blogger I used to make videos about people queries and their problems related issues .

So, as you know in this digital based life you have to use some digital accessories, apps & all so people have to come and do their work with these tech based things they wanna to do all the works as fluent as possible so the problems comes when they stuck in some little problems that they did not want at any cost but they get frustrated.

It is like eating some cake and the cherry just popped up in your mouth accidently that you never want to happen with you.

So, I also noticed many things that this tiny problems can affect their life so badly because they thinks that its a very huge one that never gonna solve

So relax guys I just initiated a little step to help out the people with some easy step and also the step to bond to all the people together that they never feel alone so that a new revolution can come that we are always together helping out each other in any queries

Well It’s my fortunate that i got some chnace to be a reason to solve your issues and problems

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:;- Likitha Jaju ( Digital creator & Tech expert)


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I have been here to help the people out from their tiny tech realated queries !!

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